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The road to sisterhood is never easy and for some poor rush pledges it’s all a little to much and they never make but in this hazing video we get to watch a very determined group of young ladies who are desperate to prove they have what it takes to part a fully fledged part of the sorority sisterhood.  No one at this sorority gets a free pass however and the hazing initiation is very gruelling on all the pledges.

This is one of those formal hazing ceremonies where the girls have gone to a lot of trouble for the whole ritual even dressing up in robes for the occasion.

Taken outside on the campus grounds at night the new pledges are lined up and asked if they are ready for their next step to sisterhood and them told to strip down and crawl on their knees with their asses in the air. The girls are them made to wash the impurity from each others naked bodies with a sponge to prepare them for their new life and to was away the filth of their past.

To the cat calls of fresh meat it really is hot to watch the new girls standing there in the open and completely nude and washed down as their sorority sisters look in in judgement but the highlight was definitely the next stage of the hazing when things climaxed and an outdoor lesbian pussy licking session as the freshmen went to work on each others nude wet bodies in a crazy effort to make the other girl cum.

Do these college pledges have what it takes to be part of this sorority??  Watch the video and you be the judge…

nude sorority girls playing football | loser made to lick pussy



One of the best way to develop teamwork and a sense of bonding with your sorority is to play sport and so the pledges today are brought to the arena for a game of football but this will be no ordinary game.

The big sisters decide to test these girls out for skill and fitness by having them strip down to their panties and run laps and perform a series of ridiculous and embarrassing exercises.  Unfortunately for the new freshmen they fail the tests miserably and most of the girls can barely catch a ball let alone play a proper game so its time to move on to another way of bonding with the group.

There is no better way to get to know your fellow sorority sisters than to get up close and personal and so the girls are told since they are so bad at the game of football they will have to play with each other.  Its time for the girls to lick some pussy under the expert supervision of their sorority sisters.   The shit these girls do to get into these greek letter organizations is just unreal.

One of the older girls takes total advantage of the new girls who are completely vulnerable and asks them to lie on their back while she lowers her panties and plants her pussy firmly on their faces yelling at them to make her cum.  This is where the pledges really prove their worth by licking pussy for their sorority.

Sorority pledge sets up hidden camera to film her out of control college hazing



In todays submission from a university sorority which will remain unnamed one fo the rush pledges starts out by talking to the camera and explaining some of the fucked up and shocking shit that she and her fellow pledges have been made to do.  Shes sure many people simply won’t believe some of the stuff she has to go through so she sets up some cameras around the dorm to capture the humiliating experience of rush week at her sorority.

We watch as one of the freshmen girls is sitting at her laptop trying to get some study done while an older sorority sisters approaches her and basically begins to molest her feeling up and down her body.  It’s amazing how living with so many other girls 35 hours a day for so long has turned many of the older girls into all out lesbians.

Of course the pledges has little choice but to sit there and take the treatment and allow her cute coed body to be molested.

Things only get more intense however when all the pledges are brought together and made to take off their panties and lie on the bed while the older mean girls yell abuse at them and force them to eat their pussies and even fuck them with some of the sex toys they have lying around.

This is real college girl domination and while it must be really scary for the poor pledges to go through its just so fucking sexy to watch as an outsider.

Lesbian coed pledges practice their sex skills on blow up sex dolls and then lick pussy



You know you really have to keep an eye on these new rush pledges and make sure they have what it takes to call themselves a sorority sister before you let them out in public.  They just might bring down the reputation of the whole sorority.

As part of their hazing ceremony today the pledges of this greek sorority house must show their sexual skills but they can’t be trusted with real boys yet so one of the sisters brings out a bunch of blow up sex dolls with some big plastic dicks attached to them.  Under the eagle eye of their sorority sisters they are made to demonstrate the abilities and show just how good they are at sucking dick and they better put everything they got into and show just how much they want it.

These coed tarts fuck their sex dolls like there’s no tomorrow desperate to show what true sluts they are and how can handle a dick. The pledges moan and groan and beg their big sisters to let them and that they want it so bad.

But that’s not enough for this demanding group of sorority sisters who then want to see the girls show they will literally do anything for their fellow pledges so it’s time for them to lick some pussy and its a pretty amazing scene when they do.  A wild three way lesbian dace sitting session unfolds and there is one girl with massive tits and glasses who gets her pussy eaten out that she literally cums all over the other girls face.  A truely wild and amazing lesbian hazing initiation.  University hazing is just so much fun.

Top secrets of the sisterhood wild lesbian hazing and masturbation video



Sorority Hazing  and nude streaking in public

Its quite an ordeal these new recruits have to go through just be part of this sorority.  They have been going through a very difficult rush week and today is the culmination of all of their hard work and is the final test of trust where we wil really see if they have what it takes to be part of this exclusive and sexy sorority.

Starting out in the car park with lots of people around the girls are made to take off their clothes and get naked in full of the public.  Naturally they are embarrassed but their is no choice and the girls remove their clothing.  “Panties off ladies” the big sisters shout at them and hurry the fuck up.

The poor rush pledges are marched through the parking lot and up to the dorm room with one of the ladies used as a human wheelbarrow while they chant some military like marching song but with a natural twist to suit the sorority.

“Used to like my time with boys, now I’m getting fucked with toys”

Used to think that dick was great, Now I finger my roommate”

Lesbian Hazing initiation at university

Hahaha, this is awesome stuff but the real test on the road to sisterhood is only just beginning when the pledges are brought into the dorm room where some sex toys are produced and the girls are fondled and fucked while begging and pleading to be a part of the sorority, they have to really want it and its pretty obvious these girls are very keen on being a member.

One of the girls reaches a screaming orgasm before her fellow pledge goes through the same thing and has a vibrator rubbed all over her pussy.  These girls all put in one hell of an effort so the big sisters are forced to admit how impressed at the total stuttyness of the new groups initiation.  “see I told you they were sluts” one of the girls says to her fellow sorority sisters with a proud look on her face and the pledges nod in agreement before making out with some lesbian french kissing to finish up the show.  Congratulations ladies, you really have earned your place today.


Sorority rush pledges forced to ride dildos on the bench of judgement

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For many ladies who go through this college hazing process its their first time away from home, they have always had their mommy and daddy to protect them and the big sisters who are in change of the sorority hazing can smell these little princesses a mile away, they don’t like that shit here and often times pay extra special attention to them and if that means getting a strap on dildo out and literally fucking the shame out of the girls to make them grow up then that’s the way it’s going to be.

The big sisters at this sorority house have something extra special planned for this group of rush pledges thought up by one of the devious and perverted girls who designed the bench of judgement.  After getting stripped down in the bath and yelled at and humiliated the girls were introduced to the bench and to say they were a little shocked is an understatement.

These girls were so desperate to get into this sorority and be one of the cool girls that were ready to go through with anything now.  Soon 3 of them were on the bench which had 3 massive dildos attached and were all moaning and groaning and really putting on a show for the other sorority girls.  It was really something but if that wasn’t enough the big sisters picked out a couple of the more vulnerable girls and proceeded to fuck them with dildos for their own amusement.  This was one hell of a wild lesbian hazing that’s for sure.

sorority pledges prepare to ride the bench of jusgement

No fatties allowed in this sorority, time to get naked and exercise ladies



Part of being in this sorority is getting some action with all the college guys and how can you expect to get any dick if your a plump tart.  The sorority sisters make it clear to all the new pledges that they had better work out so they send them off to the gym and have them take off all their clothes and do some humiliating nude exercise while yelling encouraging words to them the whole time like “move it you dirty slut and you’re such a fat whore”

After the intense workout its time to hit the showers and clean off all the sweat but the fun is just beginning and soon all the girls are fingering each other and even form a chain to lick each others pussies.  If you want into this sorority you really gotta earn your place and thats exactly what these new college girls do.  They will really do just about do anything to get in even if that means the most overt lesbian sex acts such as licking their fellow sorority pledges asshole!  I hope its worth it ladies.

6 Naked college girls bend over and show their ass



Alright ladies bend over now, its time to show some ass, do want to win that money or not?  The coeds in this clip really go all out to be this weeks winner in their video submission to haze her and have their pledges do all sorts of crazy stuff.  Streaking nude in public down the dorm where anyone can see them and even riding a bike completely naked.

The highlight comes when they have all the rush pledges form a square and put their tongues to work in a desperate attempt to make each other cum.  This is what college life is all about and you gotta put in if you want to be a part of this sorority.  Strictly no fakers allowed.

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College girls stripped naked and hazed by their sorority sisters in the woods



A new group of rush pledges are put through their paces in todays hazing video from a university in Florida.  4 girls are forced to take off all their clothes and stand in a line while the head sorority girls shout orders at them and ask them questions about their sorority and they had better get the answers right!

The girls are told to run and have feathers thrown at them while the whole time they are being taunted and yelled at and then its time to hose them of with cold water.  One of the girls remarks that she cant believe they are filming the whole humiliating event adn I can’t help but wonder if they knew their own sorority sisters who they are supposed to put trust in were going to send us the tape for the whole internet to see.  Well they did end up being the winners for the week so we sent them $10000 I wonder if any of the new freshmen got their share?



Sexy hazing video where 4 college girls play a game of nude tennis

This crazy group of Sorority girls put on quite the show for us today in this wild hazing video as they were taken out of the house and made to play a game of nude tennis, they obviously had no idea what was in store for them as they were told to line up and bend over dropping their panties while the older sorority sisters took pit shots at their asses with a tennis ball.
Like a stern drill sergeant the head sorority sister yells at them to take off all their clothes and proceeds with the nude hazing making the freshmen girls do naked runs and fetch the balls from around the court and look out the girl who is not up to standard as she is fucked by a big dildo to teach her a lesson!  Its great at the end as we get to watch the new college pledges forced to lie on the court and sit on each others face for some gold college pussy licking but will it be enough to impress the more experienced sorority sisters?  Just watch here and see for yourself