Sorority class of 2012 gets a nude lesbian hazing


*Video:sorority hazing video ends in a lesbian pussy licking orgy


Here is a submission we got from a college in the midwest and all the girls said on camera that they wanted to win the money.  The sexy sorority girls put on such a show and had their pledges doing the most crazy and horny stuff in this hazing video that there was no doubt in out minds these girls were the $10000 winners.

With the 2012 pledges stripped nude they were told to do a nude streak through the dorm and got a few interesting looks on their way with one girl doing some nude exercise and naked cartwheels down the hall!  But the girls show just how far they are willing to go to be one of the sorority sisters passing her nude initiation with flying colours and the end of this video ends up in the middle of a group sex orgy with the girls forming a square and licking each others pussies!


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