Sorority rush pledges forced to ride dildos on the bench of judgement

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For many ladies who go through this college hazing process its their first time away from home, they have always had their mommy and daddy to protect them and the big sisters who are in change of the sorority hazing can smell these little princesses a mile away, they don’t like that shit here and often times pay extra special attention to them and if that means getting a strap on dildo out and literally fucking the shame out of the girls to make them grow up then that’s the way it’s going to be.

The big sisters at this sorority house have something extra special planned for this group of rush pledges thought up by one of the devious and perverted girls who designed the bench of judgement.  After getting stripped down in the bath and yelled at and humiliated the girls were introduced to the bench and to say they were a little shocked is an understatement.

These girls were so desperate to get into this sorority and be one of the cool girls that were ready to go through with anything now.  Soon 3 of them were on the bench which had 3 massive dildos attached and were all moaning and groaning and really putting on a show for the other sorority girls.  It was really something but if that wasn’t enough the big sisters picked out a couple of the more vulnerable girls and proceeded to fuck them with dildos for their own amusement.  This was one hell of a wild lesbian hazing that’s for sure.

sorority pledges prepare to ride the bench of jusgement

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