The road to sisterhood | Hazing videos



The road to sisterhood is never easy and for some poor rush pledges it’s all a little to much and they never make but in this hazing video we get to watch a very determined group of young ladies who are desperate to prove they have what it takes to part a fully fledged part of the sorority sisterhood.  No one at this sorority gets a free pass however and the hazing initiation is very gruelling on all the pledges.

This is one of those formal hazing ceremonies where the girls have gone to a lot of trouble for the whole ritual even dressing up in robes for the occasion.

Taken outside on the campus grounds at night the new pledges are lined up and asked if they are ready for their next step to sisterhood and them told to strip down and crawl on their knees with their asses in the air. The girls are them made to wash the impurity from each others naked bodies with a sponge to prepare them for their new life and to was away the filth of their past.

To the cat calls of fresh meat it really is hot to watch the new girls standing there in the open and completely nude and washed down as their sorority sisters look in in judgement but the highlight was definitely the next stage of the hazing when things climaxed and an outdoor lesbian pussy licking session as the freshmen went to work on each others nude wet bodies in a crazy effort to make the other girl cum.

Do these college pledges have what it takes to be part of this sorority??  Watch the video and you be the judge…

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